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    Battles Guidlines Empty Battles Guidlines

    Post by Pivetor on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:04 pm

    Members who wish to use the graphic battles should use the template below. They will be given a Poll once the other member has accepted, if declined, the battles will be Locked and removed. If the battle is accepted and won, we will add the topic into our Battle Showcase to show off both of your work.




    Must have:

    Date to finish:


    Size: is the size of the image both of you will be creating.

    Colors: the colors that you MUST have in the graphic, if you do not, you will be disqualified.

    Must have: anything you want, and must have in the graphic. Once again, if you do not have the said item in there you will be disqualified.

    Date to finish: Enter date for the contest to end. Must be at least 24 hours.

    Theme: If you wish to add a specific theme (Example: Ocean) then both members must meat the theme standards, by making it look like the theme.

    Date to finish - and voting: Date to finish will be how ever long you have chosen. That is the set date and time that the graphics MUST be in by. There is no editing this once you added it, If we see that you have edit it to your advantage, you will be disqualified and given a battles warning. Voting time is an additional 48 hours that the community can vote for. The person with the most poll votes at the end of the 48 hours wins, You can vote for yourself or the other person as well.

    Battles Warnings: Since this is a fun little thing, we have all right to ban you from the graphic battles for having three strikes against you.

    Ways to gain Battle Warnings:
    Boasting or bragging over you winning
    Getting frustrated, and or angry when loosing
    Telling a person that his/her art is "negative (Crappy, poor quality, terrible, ect.)"
    Being rude to both members, and staff

    All items are prompted to change without notice, it is fully up to you to look over these often. We will not reconsider a battle warning due to lack of reading the guidelines.

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